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NOTE:  This is now an ARCHIVE Site.
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This is now an ARCHIVE Site

This Blogger site at Dance-Literacy.blogspot.com is the Archive Page for couples dances classes
in Meridian Manor, that started in 2013 and ended in 2016.

Line dance step sheets are now at  MeridianManorDance.wordpress.com
(earlier line dance notes are here)

B. Couples Choreographed Dances Taught in 2015 & 2016

1. 22 Step
  • We don't have a step sheet for this dance.
2. Blue Rose 
3. Colorado Cha Cha
4.  El Paso

5. Meridian Manor Shuffle
  • We need to find the real name of this dance, so we can find the official step sheet.
  • CLICK HERE for temporary list of steps and temporary video.
5. Texas Waltz

C. Swing Dance Instruction, Feb. 2014

Screen shot from Wild Bill & Carole's 2/27/2014 "Good Samaritan".
Click here to watch this video in a Google Photos web album  (may not play on mobile devices)
Click visit WildBillCwDance.com to visit their website.

D. Choreographed Ballroom (aka Round Dancing)

Below is a list of fall 2014 beginning round dance classes in Mesa.  This is taken from Pam Hurd's PDF list of round dance classes & instructors; see her list for more details.  (The lower left corner of  the 2nd page list these beginner classes). Update:  These are REVIEW classes; the real beginner classes start in Jan 2015.

What is Round Dancing:     (also known as Choreographed Ballroom Dance)?
  • "Round dancing is a form of ballroom dance since we learn and practice many rhythms just like ballroom dancing. But it also is different because we have cuers who tell us the name of each step so we don't have to memorize a routine."

E. Dance Videos Made at Meridian Manor

  •  Video of the 2/6/2015 Variety Show, Waltz Round Dance Routine:  Vimeo  |  Youtube


 A Couple of Misc "Inspirational" Videos, NOT from Meridian Manor
Note: The Waltz, Swing, and Colorada Cha Cha pages have many links to Youtube videos -- that demonstrate the patterns we were practicing for those 3 dances.