Meridian Manor Shuffle

George and Jean taught the "Meridian Manor Shuffle".  We need to find the real name for this dance.

Temporary Video:
  • As demonstrated by 4 Meridian Manor couples
  • This is a PRIVATE video; you need to have the link in order to 'find' the video.
  • Note song used is about 122 beats/minute.

Temporary list of steps (recorded by Ingram, may contain errors)

  • 1. M starts on L foot, W starts on R foot
  • 2. All instructions are for MAN.  Woman does the opposite.
  • 3. It's a Circle dance, it progresses Line of Dance.  Starts open, facing Line of Dance.
Meridian Manor Shuffle (temporary name) 

Beats 1-8:
  • 1-4:  Four  forward walking steps  down Line of Dance (L-R-L-R)
  • 5, 6:  Two forward kicks with L foot
  • 7, 8:  Step back on L, touch behind on R
Beats 9-16:
  • 9-12: Jazzbox with 1/4 turn to right (M facing Wall).  Beat 12 is a "L touch" (so can vine left) (R-L-R-L touch)
  • 13-16: Vine to left (L, R behind, L, R touch)
Beats 17-24:
  • 17-20: Side touch to R, Side touch to L (R, L touch ; L, R touch)
  • 21, 22: Turn 1/4 right to face Rev. Line of Dance, shuffle R-L-R
  • 23, 24:  Pivot 1/2 turn (L-R) away from partner (Rt. turn for man) to face Line of Dance
Beats 25-32:
  • 25-32: Four shuffle steps down Line of Dance (L-R-L , R-L-R , L-R-L , R-L-R)
  • L foot is now free, ready to start over with the 4 forward walking steps.