About The Dance Practice Facilitators

  • Rita Stine and James Ingram are basic amateur dancers.
  • At the moment we are the only Meridian Manor residents willing to conduct these "dance practice sessions".  
  • Although we have danced for a number of years, we have no formal training in dance instruction.  We try to use Youtube videos to get new dancers acquainted with the basic rhythms, and then practice those rhythms in our Clubhouse at a slow pace, so new people don't get "left behind".
To CONTACT us, use the Meridian Manor directory listing for Rita Stine, or the email link at the bottom of this page.

Videos of Us Dancing:

If you can tolerate being bored for a minute, you can watch our 2013 Meridian Manor Amateur Talent Show routine on Youtube    :)

 . . . . . .  and then there's our  2007 East & West Coast Swing dance routine, done on WVIA public television in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

FYI:  Round Dance Lessons we were taking in Pennsylvania in Fall 2013:
  • Two videos of our instructors Frank and Sandy Hartzel demonstrating basic round dance Cha Cha steps can be found on Youtube here:   youtube.com/user/RiverValleyDance
  • Five videos of our instructors demonstrating basic round dance Waltz steps can be found in this Picasa album:  picasaweb.google.com/ballroomdances.net/Waltz1    The 2nd part of the first video (designated "Video 1") shows us dancing a beginning round dance routine (with some errors on our part).